We strive to achieve an outcome which is in your best interests.


No one wants to go to Court, if it can be avoided. If you have a dispute which can be resolved out of Court then we use our best endeavours to negotiate and facilitate out of Court settlements for our clients, wherever possible and to ensure that any settlement agreement is properly prepared so that your interests are protected.

We are able to assist in this way, as we have long term experience in practice and are well qualified to provide you with practical, independent advice as to whether a settlement offer is a fair and reasonable one in the circumstances or whether you would be better to pursue your matter through the Court.


We strive to achieve an outcome which is in your best interests. If you must go to Court, our proven expertise will ensure that you are provided with good quality representation in Court including having your case well prepared beforehand.

We are committed to providing you with access to your Solicitor when you need to speak to us. We offer our clients a personal and cost effective approach to resolving their legal issues whilst continuing to provide a professional standard in the quality of service and advice we provide and the way in which we keep you informed as to the progress of your case.

Accredited Specialist “Proven Expertise”

Zora Kekeff is a Family Law Specialist Accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales.

The Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation Scheme, certifies Solicitors who are specialists in their field and sets very high standards for Solicitors wanting to specialize. The Law Society accreditation standards were developed to provide clients with a way of identifying experienced Solicitors and require each Accredited Specialist Solicitor to prove the quality of their skills and services in their chosen field of practice as follows:-

The Solicitor must firstly have been in full time practice for at least 5 years and must have at least three years’ experience in working in the specialty area, and show to have over 25% of the cases in their workload in the specialist area before they qualify to seek to become a Specialist.

Family Accredited Specialist

The Solicitor must then pass to high standard, difficult written and oral examinations in the area of law chosen to specialize in as well as examinations in communication with clients. The Solicitor must demonstrate to the Accreditation Board, a high standard of ability in problem solving and client service as part of the Specialist Accreditation process. In addition, to enable a Solicitor to continue to maintain the Accredited Specialist title, a Solicitor must complete in each year a minimum of 20 hours of mandatory continuing legal education in the specialist and associated areas.

This ensures that the standard of legal services provided by an Accredited Specialist in their field are amongst the best available.